Toshitsugu Fujiwara
Toshitsugu Fujiwara

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Toshitsugu Fujiwara was born in 1972 in Kurashiki, Okayama.
He is the founder of “famo DESIGN STUDIO”.
He is a product designer specialized in  interior design and toy design.
He also works on space design, publishing, and web design.


Toshitsugu Fujiwara / Designer's profile


As a designer, I would like to keep on thinking by myself and making things by myself.

“Something a child can enjoy is something an adult can appreciate. ”This is the concept of my design work.
I really enjoy thinking of new designs. But delivering these is not so easy. For example, the design process takes time before it reaches commercial stages. Many people will be involved with it before it can finally be sold in stores. Many stages combine to make the final product such as planning, making the prototype, remediation, re-making the prototype, promotion in turns.
In my opinion, the task of the designer is not only thinking of good form but thinking of creating a structure.

My designs use mostly wooden materials. Many people ask me “Why do you use wood? For ecological reasons?”.
Eco-friendly is very important. Of course I am completely into respecting the environment. However,  the initial reason is simply that I like wood. Unlike petroleum and natural gas, wood is a renewable resource that can continue to be used if we continue to plant and respect it. It is the only natural product that can be used to form a variety of shapes and forms. It is organic in design and essence.

I make wooden products for the future.
To pass on the warmness and importance of wood to as many people as possible, and to as many countries all over the world. My best wishes are for the happiness of future generations.

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famo. DESIGN STUDIO is a design office of design products and wooden toys and graphics.

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